On-demand testing

Are you in need of a quick quality check of your products? You want to ensure that everything will go smoothly with the new deployment? Our team can test your software platform on request allowing you to optimise your product development, budget and launch time.


In the current digital era, businesses need to adopt digital solutions, as part of their operating model, to ensure business success. As part of the digitalization movement, software platforms become even more used, by any type of business size. 

OUR business Proposal

As a company focused on software product quality, we have designed a dedicated service to help and support your business to keep a competitive advantage in the market: Test as a Service. 

Through this service, we help our clients to:

  • Ensure product quality
  • Quickly identify product defects
  • Have a consolidated view on their e-commerce platform quality status

We use the latest technology to optimize the testing sessions.

What we test


We verify in-depth page elements and contents for your e-commerce platforms. Product pages, homepages and any page that is critical for your business, we ensure that it matches your expectations.


Does your e-commerce platform have contact forms, purchase forms, feedback forms? We ensure that your forms perform their intended function, and that any negative intent is handled appropriately​ ​ ​


Any website has several business flows, that are designed to help the site owner achieve his business outcome. Whether we discuss about the buy flow, the contact flow or the product review flow, we ensure that they work as intended ​

Cross-browser testing

In today’s market, there are several browsers from which clients can choose to access your platform. We can test them all, to ensure that the client experience is consistent, across all available browsers.

Cross-device testing

Interested to know how your platform looks & behaves on a certain mobile device? We can test on a large number of devices, to minimize the risk for compatibility issues, between different equipement.

Custom report !

We communicate the results of our work in a transparent manner, through an execution report. Test execution results are shared, after each test run, in a custom format that best fits each client needs. For clients that perform in-house development, we can extend the report scope to include in-depth technical analysis of the encountered defects, to better support their debugging efforts.

E-Commerce Use Case

Spinoa is promoting healthy products around artisanal spirulina, as chocolate bar, honey and spirulina crunchies.

We have tested their e-commerce website following our Test as a Service approach.

Check the use case page