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Manual & Automatic

Following Waterfall or Agile methodology, we ensure the quality of your software on a long term collaboration. An urgent deadline ! we can allocate our consultants in 24h


“Quality is not an act, it is a habit” Aristotle

In a dynamic and constantly evolving context, Quality Assurance is no longer a luxury , but a necessity to be competitive in the Software industry. Customers are more and more intransigent about the errors encountered while using a Software application.

Today’s challenge is to optimize the software development cost while increasing the Quality.

Entrust the management of Quality Assurance to a specialist !


The problems encountered by companies during application development are often linked to the same dysfunctions. If you have questions such as:

  • How to reduce the number of bugs in my deliveries?

  • How to reduce my integration costs?

  • How to measure the quality of my developments?

  • How to better plan my releases and avoid delays?

We are here to help you answer them!

Quality is our passion !

Digi Test Lab experts are helping you to :

  • Improve the Quality of your software 

  • Speed up your software development process 

  • Gain in Efficiency in your process delivery gagner en 

  • Optimize your SDLC Costs

They trust us !