full testing services

Following Waterfall or Agile methodology, we ensure the quality of your software on a long term collaboration. An urgent deadline ! we can allocate our consultants in 24h


“Quality is not an act, it is a habit” Aristotle

In a dynamic and constantly evolving context, Quality Assurance is no longer a luxury , but a necessity to be competitive in the Software industry. Customers are more and more intransigent about the errors encountered while using a Software application.

Today’s challenge is to optimize the software development cost while increasing the Quality.

Entrust the management of Quality Assurance to a specialist !


The problems encountered by companies during application development are often linked to the same dysfunctions. If you have questions such as:

  • How to reduce the number of bugs in my deliveries?

  • How to reduce my integration costs?

  • How to measure the quality of my developments?

  • How to better plan my releases and avoid delays?

We are here to help you answer them!


Digi Test Lab experts are helping you to :

  • Improve the Quality of your software 

  • Speed up your software development process 

  • Gain Efficiency in your process delivery 

  • Optimize your SDLC Costs


Based on your organization and needs we adopt the following approachs:

Testing Tribe: we are creating a team of testing consultants working in an autonomous way in our office. The team is covering all testing activities and keep a close contact with your product & development team.

Our consultants in your premise:  our consultants join and support your internal team. We are adapting to your internal processes and methodologies. The team can be located in our office or in your premise.

They trust us !