Digi Test Lab Academy offers dedicated, customizable software testing courses, from entry level to specialized types of testing (Rest API or Automation), helping you to train your team in order to achieve the best standards of quality testing.


Our training partners are experienced testers themselves, connected to the latest software testing trends and practices. They are training testers of all levels since 2019, offering both a comprehensive and extended theoretical approach, but, most importantly, ensuring a “hands on” practice experience.

Custom courses

Depending on your company’s goals and your team’s requirements, we can build a customized training course focusing on either technical or soft skills. We can help you increase your software’s quality by improving your team’s knowledge, enabling them to use a common tech language, thus building a more collaborative and Agile work environment.


Digi Test Lab Academy offers you the opportunity to enhance and to standardize the testing processes in your company, by building a qualified and internationally certified team, through ISTQB training courses. 

ISTQB Certification’s goal is to constantly improve and advance the software testing profession by defining and maintaining a body of knowledge which allows testers to be certified based on best practices. 

Therefore, an ISTQB Certification will help software testers to be more efficient and effective in their work, and will provide your customers a reference point against which the effectiveness of testing services can be evaluated.


Benefits for professionals

In the field of software testing certification, ISTQB® is the international standard. Earning an ISTQB® certification offers significant benefits regardless of your experience level in the field:

Skills that employers trust, validated by an independent, internationally recognized organization

Portable proof of ability for both current and future employment

Career progression support through the advancement of testing skills

Enhanced professional credibility (certificate holders have authorized use of the applicable ISTQB® “Certified Tester” logo)

Benefits for employers

In addition to supporting the development of testing professionals within the organization, ISTQB® certification offers significant benefits to employers:

With efficient and cost-effective testing practices, you can give clients a higher level of confidence in your business

Companies with certified staff can offer higher-level services to customers, increasing revenues and brand recognition

Improve collaboration and working practices by creating a common language and understanding of testing throughout the organization

Practical info