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Raul’s Editorial 👀 – Do we really need a testing team ?

This is a question that I hear sometimes, and the arguments are always the same: our developers and/or our Product Owners can test the application by themselves.
They often don’t. And even if they do, they are not doing it efficiently.

Yes you do, but why ? 🤷‍♂️
There are a few common reasons explaining the lack of efficiency of an ad-hoc internal test team: 
– DEVs and POs are busy doing their specific tasks, so mostly they don’t have time to test
– they lack proper knowledge regarding testing, which can lead to poor testing (not covering all the scenarios)
– they are biased (especially the DEVs), as they tend not to see their own mistakes. This is a proven fact and it applies to all the people, that’s why testers are cross-reviewing their tests

We can help you ! 🤝

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FinTech (Financial Technology), this post is for you: 👇

As we all know, the improvement of FinTech has transformed the financial sector in a significant and positive way, offering more accessibility, efficiency, innovation, and transparency to consumers.

However, these advances require even stronger data security and legislative compliance than before, to succeed and give users confidence.

For that, there is only one solution: Test your software!

Attached is a very good article which explains why software testing is mandatory for FinTech!
Source : Business Review

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